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The modern desk lamps on can serve not only as a functional lighting but also as a decorative piece. Modern desk lamp will be a perfect addition to your modernly decorated house. Placed on the desk in your office or your study, desk lamp will help to relieve your eye stress and make your work and reading easier.

If you advocate simplicity, our desk lamp collection will meet this demand. Most of our desk lamps are simple in design, with linear pull, round or linear shade or base. They are simple yet elegant. What's more, there are also several kinds of desk lamp in cute shape. For example, we have a kind of desk lamp in the shape of a small dog with slender base and bright colored burlap shade with dots. This type of desk lamp is available in different colors and this cute desk lamp will surely brighten up your room, especially your child's room and become a beautiful scene in your home. Apart from the cute and inviting shape, our collection features carbon steel, metal and fabric-shade desk lamps.

Aimed at providing high-quality lighting and first-rate service, is a wise choice when you plan to buy functional yet decorative lighting.

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